Stick Welder

Stick Welder 160A


  • ★ IGBT inverter technology, excellent Arc stability, hot arc start, anti-sticking, will help to get rid of the inconvenience during welding. Compatible with generator.
  • ★ Complete Package: the 160A ARC Welder with the Protective Carry Case, Welding Gloves, Electrode, MMA Leads & Earth Clamp, Generator friendly. Ready to use!
  • ★ Powerful welder capable of welding mild steel, weld steel, stainless steel and cast iron. IGBT power device with unique control mode improves the reliability of welding machine.
  • ★ Overload protection: Perfect self-protective function in cases of over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, over-heat; safe and reliable.
  • ★ Efficiency, energy saving, portable, stable arc, high no-load voltage, and with good compensation of arc force, easy arc starting, less spatter, stable current and good shaping.


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    Main Features:

    • Compact, light Weight, portable, digital display.
    • Including Toolbox, Welding Gloves, Welding Rod.
    • Smooth welding current adjustment 20-160A.
    • IGBT DC inverter technology.
    • Hot arc start, VRD, anti-sticking, welding Current and arc force.
    • Compatible with generator.
    • Can weld 1.6- 3.2mm electrode, It can be widely used in acid and basic electrode welding.
    • Intelligent protection: Over-voltage, Low-voltage, Over-current, Over-heat.


    • 1 X DC Welder Machine
    • 1 X Input Power Adapter Cable & Plug
    • 1 X ground clamp & 8 Feet Cable
    • 1 X electrode holder & 5 Feet Cable
    • 1 Pair Welding Gloves
    • 10 X Welding Rods



    Stick Welder 160A table

          User Manual

          Download Stick Welder 160A User Manual


          Frequently Questions Answer

          1. If I wanted to connect this welder to a 220 outlet, could I use a 220v/30a plug/adapter? Is the attached plug a 110 grounded plug?

              Dear Customer, yes, the package includes 220v and 110v plug for USA.

          2. Can I run this on a 4000W generator?

              Dear Customer, you'd better use above 5KW generator.

          3. Will it run a specific electrode?

              Dear Customer, it is a DC welder. It works with any brand of electrode suitable for DC eg:  6010.6011 and 6013.

          4. Can I use a household outlet?

              Dear Customer, yes, it can be harder to hold an arc.

          5. Will A double pole 30 amp breaker work?

              Dear Customer, don’t worry your 30 amp breaker won't trip while working at 110  or 220 volts.