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2400W 24V HYBRID SOLAR INVERTER (Grid Feedback)

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  • Solar Inverter: 2400W DC 24V Solar Inverter AC 110V, MPPT Max 80A solar charger and 60A AC charger

  • ★ Parallel Kit: Support up to 9 units parallel, 120V single phase (1 unit ), 120V/240V Split Phase capable (2 unit parallel), 208V 3-Phase Support (3 unit parallel)
  •  WIFI Model: Includes the wifi box, which transmit the data via WIFI to user's iphone or android smartphone, app can be downloaded from apple or android store

  • ★ Grid Feedback: PV energy charges battery, meanwhile PV energy provides power to the load and feeds remaining energy to the grid


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Main Features:

  • 2400W 24VDC Pure sine wave output solar hybrid inverter
  • Suitable for off-grid or grid optional application
  • Built-in MPPT 80A solar charger and 60A AC Charger
  • Max PV input 145V and Max PV input 2KW
  • Parallel operation up to 9 units, in single phase, split phase, or three phase applications
  • Wifi function for phone monitoring
  • USB, RS232 communication interface