How to Choose A Inverter for Your Home

May 19, 2021

How to Choose A Inverter for Your Home

As you all know, an inverter is a significant purchase. The life of your electrical devices in your home, such as the fans, pipe lights, laptop, and even your television set, relies on it. A good inverter powers your important electrical appliances during a power failure. It also helps to power certain items like a laptop that you wish to use at the time.

The following reasons can help you to determine which inverter suits your requirements.


1. Calculate How Much Power You Need

While buying any product for home, you look for a feasible option that best matches the necessity. Calculate the daily power usage at home, including electrical appliances, that you wish to run on the inverter to find out the peak load requirement in your home. It is measured in watts. It will act as a basic requirement for buying the inverter.

The power requirement is the total value of the power consumed by various applicants. Along with that, if the mains are switched off, then you would need to figure out the average running load on the inverter. The average load is calculated as 50%-70% of the peak load.


2. Check The Power Ratings And The Surge of The Inverter

The inverters come in numerous classifications. Some have higher power ratings, while some have lower power ratings. When you calculate the amount of power that you need, you should have an idea which range of power ratings that match your current power system.

Surge rating is the amount of watts of overload that an inverter can handle over a short span.


3.Evaluate Battery Capacity

The source of power for the inverter comes from the battery provided. You must keep your inverter’s capacity is capable enough to run your home devices during power cutoff or low power supply. The battery of an inverter gets valued in Ampere Hours (Ah). For home inverters, the batteries capacity are various depending upon the amount of hours backup is required.


4. Battery Selection

The type of battery for your inverter highly determines how long the inverter may last. Therefore, it is for you to choose the battery wisely. The battery capacity is one important factor in deciding whether the battery is the best option or not.

The estimation of how much power you need and the number of back-up hours may help in figuring out whether the electric battery capacity is a good match.


Choose the Most Suitable Option

While selecting an inverter for your home, choose the one fulfilling the above requirements or similar, suiting your needs. Then you will not worry about the work getting affected after the inverter is installed at home.

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