Become a SunGoldPower Installer Partner

We are thrilled to invite you to become a valued installer partner with SunGoldPower.
Joining forces with us means embracing a commitment to advancing clean energy solutions and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable power.


SUITE 500-343 WPORT BEACH CA 92660,USA  

Working Time

Monday-Friday:8:​​00 AM-8:00 PM

Lucrative Returns

We offer a wide range of high-quality solar products, including high-efficiency solar panels, lithium-ion batteries and inverters, all at competitive discounted prices.

Referral of Potential Clients

Our shop attracts a large number of DIY customers every day looking for professional installers in their area. We will seamlessly refer them to you.

Vast Market Potential

The solar energy industry is experiencing rapid growth, becoming a crucial component of the global clean energy landscape. As a SunGoldPower partner, you will be positioned to tap into the burgeoning opportunities of this expanding market, increasing your market share.

Efficient Shipping

Our dedicated logistics team provides fast, safe and cost-effective shipping. Your solar products will be delivered quickly from our warehouse in California.

Brand Collaboration

Collaborating with SunGoldPower associates your business with a trusted brand, enhancing your visibility in the market. Our brand represents high quality and reliability, contributing to the establishment of a reputable business image for you.

Comprehensive Training and Support

We provide thorough training programs to ensure our partners possess the latest knowledge and skills of our products. Our dedicated team offers ongoing technical and marketing support, empowering you to remain competitive in the market.

Becoming a SunGoldPower installer partner is a crucial step towards success in the solar energy industry. We look forward to the prospect of working together to create a sustainable and prosperous future. If you are interested in becoming our partner, Please fill out this form to kickstart your journey of becoming a SunGoldPower installation partner.