How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panel

May 19, 2021

How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panel

Solar power panels are a excellent investment that provides you with green solar energy for 25 years or more. But how do you maintain them? Here are some informations that can help you.

What Kind of Solar Panel Maintenance You Need?

Even though they’re strong in addition to being built with few or no relocating parts, the aspects make a difference to the performance of solar panels over time. At some time, most panels will have to be cleaned or repaired due to particles, falling tree twigs, or heat in addition to harsh weather. Right now there are a couple of different sorts of upkeep your solar panels may need.

You can determine when to service your system by regularly monitoring your system’s production. If you observe a dip coming from normal output ranges, it can be time to thoroughly clean your panels or to check if any repairs are needed.

In some parts of the country, solar power panels seldom need to be cleaned. But when you live close to a freeway or perhaps flight path, or even in a region where smog, dust particles, as well as other airborne allergens are normal, you may see a drop in your solar panel efficiency up to 20 per cent. Cleaning your panels can easily resolve that.

If your panels are mounted on the ground, you can clean them by yourself. Panels that are installed on rooftops can create added challenges, and you should strongly consider getting an expert cleaning service in this case.

Warranties include repairs within the great majority of situations. Typical warranties ensure panel performance is not going to fall below a particular output level for a specified term. For example, a manufacturer may possibly make certain that peak power output won’t drop below 85 pct for 20 or 25 years, based on the length of the warranty.


How do You Clean Solar Panels?

Even a thin level of dirt and dirt can have a great impact on the system’s production, therefore you may need to inspect your installation on a regular basis.

The best way to clean your own panels is to be able to rinse them off with hose water, simulating the cleansing action of rain. Other than a couple of minutes of your time, this method is free and can remove a greater part of the muck that builds upward. In places wherever little or simply no rain falls inside the summer, this is a practical cleaning option to consider.

There might be times when a simple hosing won’t get the job done. If honestly, that is the truth, you have got the option of getting a professional washing service or taking a more intensive approach to cleaning the panels by yourself.


How Often Should You Clean the Solar Panels?

It depends.

You should regularly visually inspect your panels and monitor the performance of your system’s production. When you notice dirt plus grime or a fall off in the amount of system output, it’s time to freshen up your solar panels.

Depending on your situation, you may also want to schedule a preventative inspection. By having your panels examined once or twice a year, you can proactively protect against the drop in system output and fix issues before they become more significant problems. 



A clean system is an efficient system.

General, solar panels do not require much maintenance. They are highly durable, designed, and developed to withstand typically the aspects for 20 years or more.

That is to say, you need to take care of your panels by cleaning them on a new routine basis and repair all parts of your system as required.

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