Prime Day Deals 
5% Off for 100w Solar Panel
10% Off For LFP Series Inverter, 12KW/15KW/18KW Inverter
15% Off For 3KW/5KW Solar Inverter, SGK-PRO3/ SGKT-3PRO/ SGK-PR4S Solar Kits, 200w Solar Panel
20% Off For 8KW/10KW Solar Inverter, SGM-5K5E/ SGK-PRO64/ SGK-PRO62/ SGK-5PRO/ SGK-8MAX/ SGK-12MAX Solar Kits
25% Off For SP6548/ TP6048/ SG10KHB-48 Inverter, Rest of the Solar Kits
30% Off For 12V/24V/ 48V Batteries, 370W/ 415W/ 440W/ 450W/ 500W/ 550W/ 460W/ 560W Solar Panels, SGR-20K30E/ SGR-16K25E/ SHB-10KM20K Solar Kits
From July 4th to July 18th