12V Inverter Charger

The 12 volt pure sine wave inverter are generally used in cars or trucks, or smaller backup power systems. Apart from a temporary power outage in homes, there are several reasons why people need other sources of power supply. A lot of people love camping in the woods where there’s no electricity. They need alternative power supplies. Also, some other people own RVs, and they are always on the road. This category of people also needs a power supply to operate the appliances in their motor-home. So if you’re looking for a portable inverter that you can take on the go, the 12v inverter charger is an ideal option.

Our 12 volt inverter offer a running wattage from 2000 watts to 5000w watts with an exceptional 300% surge capacity for 20 seconds. Also, its LCD display shows output wattage and input voltage. This inverter is enough to power your gaming consoles, TV, microwave, other home appliances, and your work tools.

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