Hybrid Solar Inverter

10KW 48V Split Phase Solar Inverter

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  • All in one unit: 10KW Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter Combined with Max 200A battery charging, 2 MPPT Solar controller inbuilt, Max.Voltage of Open Circuit : 500VDC, Split phase (120V/240V) or Single phase (120v) output. Wifi module is included, which allows the user to view the operating status and parameters of the inverter via the mobile phone APP,UL1741 Listed by ETL. 
  • ★ Parallel Kit: Parallel 6 units up to 48KW power output, you will get 120V single phase / 120V/240V Split Phase or 208V 3-Phase Support (more than 3 unit in parallel), increases the inverter power and surge capacity.
  • ★ Stable AC output and Smart Protection: Rated Output Power:10000W, Max Peak Power:20,000W, loaded motor capacity 6HP, PV input over-voltage/current protection, AC input over-voltage protection, Battery over-voltage protection,Over-load protection and so on.
  • ★ Four charging / Output modes: Hybrid Charging / Utility Priority Charging / Solar Priority Charging / Only Solar Charging, 4 output modes:  Utility Priority / Solar and Utility Hybrid / Solar Priority / Inverter Priority to meet your different requirements.
  • Time-slot charging/discharging function: The SPH series is equipped with a time-slot charging and discharging function, which allows users to set different charging and discharging periods according to the local peak and valley tariffs, so that the utility power and PV energy can be used rationally.
  • ★ Battery type: 48V AGM/Sealed, Gel, Flooded, Lithium batteries and a User Mode to work with all battery types. and supports battery-free. When the lithium battery is dormant, the mains power and photovoltaics can activate the lithium battery. Support Can, USB and RS485 communication with SunGoldPower batteries.


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    WiFi Monitoring

    Configured with Wi-Fi components, allowing user to quick and easyaccess to inverter data on mobile phone.


    System Connection

    PV can charge the battery and supply the power to the load by inverter, if PV orbattery is no power, you canpowerthe load and charge the battery by the gridor generator.


    Grid tied Function

    An off-grid solar inverter with solar panels that generates electricity, stores that power in solarbatteries,
    and runs independently from the power grid.