Split Phase Inverter Charger

Sungoldpower split phase inverter Chargers go from 4000 watts to 18000 watts with DC input of 12V, 24V and 48V, which is perfect for using renewable solar and using as an off-grid home and business back up power supply. The split-phase inverters require 120V/240V AC input and provide 110/120VAC OR 220/230/240VAC output power for all kinds of appliances. They are capable of producing 2 legs of 110V, making these inverter perfect for home and business applications.

The split-phase inverters chargers transform DC power stored by batteries to AC electricity that can power tools and appliances. The inverter chargers have a built-in battery charger which helps the grid or generator to recharge the battery. What's more, a built-in transfer switch allows the product to automatically switch between shore power and battery power within 10 mili seconds.

Early Spring Sale
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February 6th-February 28th